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All Raging Bloodlust Records releases are exclusively distributed by Merchant of Death!

Abhor Ab Luna lucenti, ab Noctua protecti 12" LP
Abhor - Ab Luna lucenti, ab Noctua protecti LP Mystic and occult Black Metal. Limited to 111 copies, handnumbered, transparent clear, black or black/clear(splatter) vinyl. check out the official video for the track "Seven Magic" at youtube.


Profezia Oracolo Suicida 12" LP
Profezia - Oracolo Suicida LP The latest album, much stronger than before! This album is a voyage into the catacombs of your inner self. Limited to 205 copies, handnumbered.

Wolfsschrei Risen from Fire and Obscurity 7" EP
Wolfsschrei - Risen from Fire and Obscurity EP Two songs of obscure, raw and grim german black metal. Co-Production with Black Devastation Records, lim. 99 copies.
Click here for a sample


Nordreich ...und es bleibt nur Aas 12" LP
Nordreich - ...und es bleibt nur Aas LP After 10 years in the band history we proudly present the concept album "...und es bleibt nur Aas". It deals with primeval fears of mankind that come in many faces. Not only contemplation about friends and nation, but also lying side by side with your foes on the battlefield. The music awards the long waiting time and extends the past creation of Nordreich. 10 untitled songs, their lyrics as well as a summary of the bands history available in the inlay. Includes a giant poster size 42x118cm. The front cover comes with golden print and a die cut hole that fits to the artwork of the inner cover. Grey/golden vinyl, lim. 484 handnumbered copies.

Aeon Winds Those who will remain silent forever 12" LP
Aeon Winds - Those who will remain silent forever LP Aeon Winds capture a unique atmosphere, obviously inspired by the great scandinavian masters from the 90ies, but still giving the songs their own style. Dwelling in realms of the nightside, the dark nature and metaphysical topics in general the debut album of Aeon Winds is a promising jewel deep within the underground. Atmospheric Black Metal with Ambient influences. Lim. 111 handnumbered copies

Profezia The Truth of Ages 12" LP
Profezia - The Truth of Ages LP Cold old school Black Metal. ...and the truth of ages shall reveal itself to you. Follow the call! Lim. 200 copies handnumbered.

SS-18 Dead World's Whisper 12" LP
SS-18 - Dead World's Whisper LP Nuclear misanthropic Black Metal, a bit in the vein of "The Dark Blood Rising" from Diabolicum, but with less samples. "SS-18", codename "Satan", is one of the largest nuclear missiles from Russia (some of them are still combat-ready today). Comes with poster and inlay, blood red vinyl. (If you do not like coloured vinyl ask to get black vinyl!)

Nordreich Verschlungene Pfade 12" LP
Nordreich - Verschlungene Pfade LP Comes with two exclusive bonus tracks and completely new artwort! Bronze vinyl with gatefold cover and large poster. Handnumbered limited edition

Nordreich Auf Heimischen Pfaden 12" DLP
Nordreich - Auf Heimischen Pfaden LP Even before "Auf Heimischen Pfaden" Nordreich was established as one of the most important bands of Germanic Black Metal. Finally available on a splendourous gatefold DLP, coming with blue and white vinyl and including inlay and poster. Side D contains 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Limited to 312 handnumbered copies.

Nachtvorst Stills 12" LP
Nachtvorst - Stills LP "Stills", the first full-length of Nachtvorst presents us 5 tracks with nearly 50 minutes playing time of emotional music in the form of Black Metal with cold and gloomy as well as melodic and fast parts to depressive black metal with some elements of post-rock/sludge music. Limited to 309 handnumbered copies.
Also available is an official woven logo patch, size 10 x 7 cm, price 4 euro.

Wolfsschrei / Shadows Under Arms split 7" EP
Nordreich - Verschlungene Pfade LP Hateful and blasphemous raw Black Metal. Limited to 213 copies/handnumbered.

V/A 8 Acts of Origin 12" LP
8 Acts of Origin Exclusive songs from Akitsa, Darkest Grove, Pagan Hellfire and Ash Pool vs. Mörker, Gaszimmer, Nasheim and Woods of Infinity.
Last copies!

Wolfthorn / Erhabenheit split 12" mLP
Wolfthorn / Erhabenheit split LP Wolfthorn, for the first time with complete line-up and therefore massively improved sound, contribute 2 re-recordings ("Spiritual Supremacy" and "In His Name, for His Glory") plus one new song. Erhabenheit reveals 2 unreleased songs from the "Vom Tempel zum Throne" era.

Wolfsschrei Demons of my Inner Self 12" LP
Wolfsschrei - Demons of my Inner Self LP Wolfsschrei strikes back with the second full-lenght album. Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of the early 90ies, mark this grim attack of German Black Metal. Limited to 200 copies/handnumbered.
Last copies!

Wolfsschrei Torture of a Human Soul mCD
Wolfsschrei - Torture of a human Soul mCD Powerful and devastating old school German Black Metal!Wolfsschrei is a side project from Taaken of Odal who explores a more raw and satanic style of Black Metal with Wolfsschrei. This mCD contains 3 exclusive tracks and comes as a regular CD with the cover (and inlay) printed on rough cardboard.

Wolfsschrei Moriturus 7" EP
Wolfsschrei - Moriturus EP The latest recordings from 2007, Wolfsschrei remains a force in the underground with this 2 new songs of grim, powerful and devastating Thuringian Black Metal!

Jotunheim s/t 12" LP
Jotunheim - s/t LP Black Metal from Sweden. 40 minutes of chaos and destruction!

Funeral Frost Watch them Burn 7" EP
Funeral Frost - Watch them Burn EP Fast and cruel Swedish Black Metal! Finally, 10 years after they have been recorded, those 4 songs are officially released!

Eschaton Causa Fortior 12" LP
Eschaton - Causa Fortior LP Fast Hellenic Black Metal in the tradition of Legion of Doom and Kaiadas. Incl. one bonus track and comes with new artwork

Zahrim Ia Zagasthenu 10" mLP
Zahrim - Ia Zagasthenu mLP Traditional Black Metal from Denmark, frenzy and morbid coldness! Expect harsh grim mastery with eerie keyboards in the vein of early Emperor. 4 new tracks coming on 10" vinyl in gatefold cover

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