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Q: How much is postage?
A:Postage depends upon where you live, how large and how heavy-weight the parcel is. Since there are literally hundreds of different possibilities it is difficult to create a quick overview. Small parcels (up to 1kg) usually can be shipped for 9 euro worldwide as a registered airmail letter. Large parcels often can be shipped for 14 euros (registered economy via Hermes) to many european countries, or 17 euros (registered airmail via DHL) inside of many european countries or 30 euro to all other european countries (Norway, Russia, Switzerland...). Large parcels (up to 5kg) to the US or Canada can be shipped for 36 euro or worldwide for 42 euro. Select "Ask for shipping costs" when placing an order and I will tell you the available shipping options for your order to your country.

Q: Can I track my parcel?
A: Yes, parcels that are send registered can be tracked:

  • Registered letters (on the lower right is a switch to english language)
  • DHL parcels
  • For Hermes parcels individual tracking links can be requested after the parcel was sent.
Ask for the tracking number for your parcel when you place an order.

Q: What payment types are possible?
A: Inside of Europe bank transfer is recommended since this is free of additional fees. Or course Paypal is also possible if you prefer this. You can also send cash or, after clarifying the details via mail, through Western Union.

Q: Can I get some free items?
A: Yes. Here is a list with items that can be shipped for free along with your order.

Q: Will LPs be shipped outside of the covers?
A: Yes, the LPs are removed from the covers to avoid seam split. Though, if the LPs are sealed I will ship them as they are. If you also want sealed LPs to be opened and shipped outside of the covers just write a comment asking for this.

Q: How long does it take until I receive my parcel?
A: Please allow a few days for delivery. This is not Amazon but a small underground mailorder. Usually orders are shipped at least 3 days after having received payment.

Q: I did not get a reply, what's going on?
A: Sometimes it might take a few days before I'm able to reply. However, if you did not receive a reply within many days something might have been lost, please re-send your mail. Please note that I'm drowned in requests for releasing your bands latest EP/Album/Split..., so please don't mind when such mails get lost sometimes.

Q: I wrote to you on Facebook, why don't you reply?
A: Don't write through Facebook, use direct mail contact. The e-mail for any mailorder related issues is mailorder@ragingbloodlust.de and for any other issues info@ragingbloodlust.de.

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If you encounter any troubles with the shop system please write an e-mail to mailorder@ragingbloodlust.de